Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Crossing and stitching.

Hi guys, 

I just wanted to share a work in progress with you. It's a friend's birthday in a couple of weeks and wanted to make something special for her. I met her, Laura, at university and lived with her for 2 years, so I feel like I know her pretty well and though this present would be perfect for her. 

The "card" is a little booklet I made from folding a sheet of A3 paper (quick tutorial, maybe?) and is something to make her giggle on her special day. This only took me a total of 30 minutes to fold and draw.

The cross stitch on the other hand has taken a lot more time - and it's still not finished! Now that I've moved away I wanted her to have something to keep as a little reminder that I'm always there for her, and just to have a laugh at every time she looks at it. Now, I hadn't done any cross stitch since I was a young child (Miss Hallsworth did lunch time cross stitch lessons for those interested), so it took me a good few hours just to remember how to choose the number of threads and how to even poke the floss through the needles. Tricky little things! 

I'm most proud of the crown and the pineapples! The pineapples most definitely took the longest amount of time to do - around 2.5 hours each and plenty of cups of tea in between. 

I've no idea how to rotate these pictures on blogger, though I suppose you could give you neck a little stretch?

Thanks for reading! 


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