Sunday, 18 October 2015


This is my online journal following my journey as a creator. A creator of fashion accessories, a creator of home decor and a creator of my destiny. I'm La Awng Dao (pronounced La-Ong-Dow), though most people know me as Casey, and I am welcoming you into my life and my story. So let's begin. 

I'm a lover of music and dance so tend to find inspiration from movement and sound; the bustling and entwining of trees, the crunching and crumbling of leaves in the autumn, the roaring and weaving of motorbikes on the road. All of these things spark something in me. That spark of energy then transfers onto paper, and thats where the creativity begins. 

I don't want to bore anybody with too much reading but in this blog you will see my ideas come to life, from pencil onto paper to something tactile and hopefully beautiful. 


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